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The first stage is a personalised webpage/URL that you can take to GP’s, physios, chiropractors, osteopaths etc that will educate them and make them look knowledgeable in-front of their patients. It has more than 30 biomechanical conditions with an easy to use click through from a picture of the foot.  It educates them and the referral goes to you.  It enables you to easily start a conversation with possible refers because you are giving them something.   You are giving them solid information that they can use to educate their patients. From a website branded with your clinic, it will educate the doctor, their patients and provide an immediate referral directly to you. 


The second stage, which will be launched in October, will allow a plug in to go onto your website whereby the patient can gain an understanding of the possible conditions and their complexity if they have pain in certain areas of the foot.  This will build your profile and trust with the patient and make them more likely to seek out your services over and above the next Podiatry clinic on google.


Get ahead and set goals by knowing your orthotic ordering patterns.


Select from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or custom date totals with an option of extra columns including but not limited to last year, individual podiatrists and orthotic totals to truly customise your report.​

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Online Forms

Increase Clinic interest online or just stay organised with online forms you can place on your website or link with your logo and clinic colours. Heaps of options and templates to choose from.

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Stretch Videos/Photos

Offer your patients more with ready to use stretch images and steps.

Giving you the freedom to email directly to the patient or print it out for that personal touch.

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Find My Pain

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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